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The Silicon Cloud intelligent charging pile is a pioneered product that the company independently develops and manages for electric bicycle charging. The equipment system is composed of the hardware charging pile and software management system. It is implemented real-time intelligent control by backend management system to frontend charging piles, by means of public platforms in WeChat and wireless network communications.

Silicon Cloud intelligent charging pile has passed the 3C compulsory certification by China Quality Certification Centre. The equipment is insured for underwriting by China Ping An Insurance Co., Ltd. Our product quality is indeed trustworthy.

Product Introduction

   The hardware part of the Silicon Cloud intelligent charging pile is composed of the control host and charging wire slots. The components are neatly arranged inside a host case, including Silicon Cloud controller, current detection tool, breaker switch, fuse core, etc. Together these components form the control host for Silicon Cloud intelligent charging pile.
   The slot materials of high-quality aluminum and custom waterproof cover fully protect the exterior charging socket and interior cable. The Silicon Cloud charging pile can provide uninterrupted all-day service outdoors, even in inclement weather.
   Silicon Cloud Technology executes high-standard specification for equipment installation to be not only stable and durable, but also artistic and fashionable. It pays attention to every detail to provide high-quality services to clients.
   The backend management system in the Silicon Cloud intelligent charging pile communicates with the Silicon Cloud controller through the wireless network. The frontend equipment acquires user operations, whereas the backend system provides various intelligent services to users. They thus enable the equipment to achieve unattended services around the clock.


Product Features

Super Cool Charging Experience
One-key payment, one-key refund, and using mobile application to search nearby charging stations as well as real-time working states; all offer users super cool charging experience.

Multiple Intelligence Support
Built-in protection for current overload and anti-creep, battery automatic detection, safe charging protection; these and many other security functions entirely guarantee the personal safety of owners and users.

Secure and Convenient Payment
The payment process is completed all in WeChat. The transactions are covered by PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited, no cash needed, secure and convenient. Real-time notification for every transaction is assured to safeguard user funds.

Equipment Safety Assurance
Silicon Cloud Technology pays great attention to every single detail, including design, production, installation, and use of raw materials. The equipment quality safety is insured for underwriting by China Ping An Insurance. The quality is definitely trustworthy.

VIP Custom Service
The specific functions and services are set up for different users. The feasible solutions for the intelligent management of internal and external users are provided for the cooperative alliances in demand.

Real-time Earning Inquiry
With a powerful backend management system, the equipment usage and generated earning can be checked at any time. The system provides a variety of data analysis procedures and a wealth of operational information for qualified alliance business.