prod erpXYERP is the enterprise management suite of integrated applications that we develop and implement for our customers at Silicon Cloud(Xi Yun in Chinese). It is based on OpenERP, and includes sales management, purchasing management, warehouse management, customer relationship management, production management, program management, financial management, and human resources management. XYERP is highly cost-effective, with modular design providing a complete variety of enterprise applications, but without requiring the users to pay for software copyright fees. Modular not only allows users to get a unified platform for enterprise management applications, but also lets users to customize application modules based on requirements, step by step. Thus it avoids trying to solve all problems at one time, and leaving the project too big to be controlled.

prod OAThe OA (office automation) system is the internal office platform that our company builds for micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs)for their daily operations and management within the unit, to facilitate internal staff to share information and work together efficiently, achieve scientific management and decision-making, so as to improve administrative efficiency purposes. The main functions of OA systems have workflow module, collaborative work modules and project management module, and its core applications are: approval process, collaborative work, document management, information center, project management, task management, system integration, contacts, and other commonly used tools.



RTU-boxThe OME-RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) system is a device data capturing or production equipment controlling system, which we developed based on our Advanced Process Control (APC) systems (especially, OCAPS, Out of Control Action Plan System) of winning national invention patent. It is used to analyze real-time status of the equipment, providing real-time and statistical data for decision-making management, equipment maintenance and other technical staff. The system enables the devices to always stay in production optimization state, increasing production and efficiency for manufacturing enterprises.


MES-FlowThe MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an advanced system based on the C/S (Client/Server) and B/S (Browser/Server) architecture. The system includes the following modules: production planning, production scheduling, technological process, rework processing, process tracking, shipment tracking, end-user traceability, quality management, equipment management and performance, problem solving processes, vendor solutions defect tracking, etc. Our MES focuses on lean manufacturing to pursue increased customer value.


HRMS-reportXY HRMSThe XY-HRMS system is a user-friendly Human Resources Management System we have developed based on C/S and B/S dual modes. The user interface is quite simple to learn. The user can operate and design according to the actual business needs, regardless of whether you have the IT professional background. Our XY-HRMS system includes personnel recruitment, personnel management, training management, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, attendance management, annual leave management, employee relations, employee self-service and so on. We offer a full range of HR solutions for enterprise customers.