How to Use Silicon Cloud Charging Pile


 Step 1: Plug the charger into the jack.





 step2Step 2: Operate your mobile phone:

a) open WeChat, press "+" in the top right corner in WeChat;

b) select "Scan QR Code", and then scan the QR code next to the jack;

c) click "Pay now" on the payment page appearing afterwards;

d) enter payment password, and get prompted with payment success message.



Step 3: After paid successfully in WeChat, the jack charging indicator lights up and the equipment begins to charge. 
When the pre-set charging time reaches, the charging indicator lights off to indicate the charging completes.



At Silicon Cloud, we aim to provide to our customers the comprehensive and thoughtful services for technical support.  We will provide the following, but not limited to, customer services:

  • Hotline phone: 24/7 telephone support

  • A fax or email inquiry

  • Provide Remote Assistance service through software like QQ

  • On-site support: door-to-door service on demand or regularly

  • Other ways by Mail, Ftp, etc. for software downloads, hotline response, etc.

  • Other advanced network support means